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Pictorial Directory


The link to the church pictorial directory is

If signing in online (from your computer) for the first time:
   1) Click the “Create a login now” link just below the Sign In button.
   2) Enter your email address and the password you wish to use on the Welcome page.
   3) Click the Request Login button on the Welcome page.
After requesting a login, an email will be sent to your directory email address.
You must respond to this email by clicking on the link in the email in order to validate your password.

iPhone, iPad, Android or Kindle Fire

Go to the Apple iTunes App store, Google Play, or Amazon Appstore and download the free Instant Church Directory app to access the directory from your iPhone or iPad, Android or Kindle Fire.

After downloading the app use your directory email address as your username to request a password. (This password will be different from the online password and will be different for each device you own.) The password will be sent to the directory email address.

Note: The email address you enter must be the same as the email address recorded in the church directory. If you are not sure of your directory email address, check the printed copy of the directory or email

Printable PDF

For a printable PDF email who will email you the latest PDF with password.

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